SnapCode Update April 4: Console I/O

This week added some console I/O so that Snap studio can print messages to the scene and request input from the user.

– Added getConsole() method to Scene class for console I/O
– Added println() to scene to handle console output
– Added getInputInt(), getInputString() to Console to get input
– Created JavaFX TextView for snap.text (ported from Swing version)
– Added TextStyle to snap.text to manage collection of attributes for TextRun

We still need to add support so that console I/O works well with actor/scene keyboard sensing, but below is an example of an app that asks the user how much to move the actor forward or backward. ConsoleIO


One Response to “SnapCode Update April 4: Console I/O”

  1. Java desktop links of the week, April 6 « Jonathan Giles Says:

    […] Jeff Martin has updated his SnapCode project to include support for console i/o. […]

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