SnapCode is the first and only pure JavaFX IDE

SnapCode is now the first and only pure JavaFX IDE! This allows SnapCode to easily implement page transitions, mouse over effects, animations and the SnapCode visual code editing that give SnapCode the feel of rich modern applications.

For the last two weeks we’ve been converting the remaining Swing parts of SnapCode to pure JavaFX. This includes the code editor, the runtime browser/player, the welcome panel and much more. We had some secret sauce in there that made the port happen remarkably quick.

This is just our first preview of the pure JavaFX world. We promise a balance of tasteful modern UI effects as we continue to polish SnapCode. But for now, we couldn’t resist some gratuitous effects that JavaFX makes so easy.

Check out the video overview and let us know what you think!

YouTube Video Overview: SnapCode is the First pure JavaFX IDE.




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