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SnapCode Debugger Improvements

August 9, 2014

I’ve spent the last few weeks boning up on the Java Debug Interface (JDI) API and improving SnapCode’s debugger. The debugger is now more accessible with a prominent¬†“Debug” button in the Processes pane, easy viewing of debug threads and stack frames, and easy access to pause, continue, and step into/over/out of the current line of code.

Additionally, there is a new “Variables” tab to show the variables in the currently selected stack frame, and a “Debug Console” pane to allow you to type any valid Java expression and have it evaluated on the spot.

I still have a few debugger bugs to squash, and next week I need to change the Variables table to be a JavaFX TreeTable, but the debugger is very usable now. Here is a snapshot of the bottom part of the project window showing a process being debugged with the Variables pane selected in the Support tray.