SnapCode Debugger Improvements

I’ve spent the last few weeks boning up on the Java Debug Interface (JDI) API and improving SnapCode’s debugger. The debugger is now more accessible with a prominent “Debug” button in the Processes pane, easy viewing of debug threads and stack frames, and easy access to pause, continue, and step into/over/out of the current line of code.

Additionally, there is a new “Variables” tab to show the variables in the currently selected stack frame, and a “Debug Console” pane to allow you to type any valid Java expression and have it evaluated on the spot.

I still have a few debugger bugs to squash, and next week I need to change the Variables table to be a JavaFX TreeTable, but the debugger is very usable now. Here is a snapshot of the bottom part of the project window showing a process being debugged with the Variables pane selected in the Support tray.




One Response to “SnapCode Debugger Improvements”

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    […] The ReportMill blog has a post detailing their recent improvements to the SnapCode IDE debugger. […]

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