Rich Java in the Browser with SnapKit and TeaVM

I’ve been playing around more with my SnapTea project. SnapKit is my Java client library for writing rich apps on top of either Swing or JavaFX. TeaVM is a remarkable bytecode to JavaScript transpiler. SnapTea is SnapKit with a TeaVM adapter – so I can compile and run my SnapKit Java desktop apps in the browser.

With SnapKit, I can easily write a rich Java desktop app in the conventional fashion. I build UIs as a hierarchy of Views containing text, images, graphics, buttons, sliders and more Views. Once I’m done, I run TeaVM from the command line and it generates a compact Classes.js file that opens in my browser.

So my project this week was to write a simple showcase application: BusyBox. This app contains many of the controls found in SnapKit. This is just a first version, with just a few hours of development, so check back later for updates!



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