Quickest way to Java in the Browser

This week SnapCode was updated to automatically convert SnapKit Java apps to JavaScript and launch in the browser when it detects an app is linked against TeaVM (an incredible Java-to-JavaScript transpiler). This finally makes it trivial to write a Java UI app and immediately run in the browser.

I’m not a fan of demos with coding, but this is a UI version of “Hello World” (it’s only a few lines of code). The UI builder version of this demo will be available in a few weeks.

As a Java developer, I’m very excited. I have jumped through many hoops over the years with Applets, Web Start and native app packaging, and still I don’t have the ability to share and distribute even basic apps without a disproportionate amount of work. Until now.

SnapCode is a free IDE for education. I hope people check it out.


If you want more – please like/retweet the blog, video, tweet. (tweet is here)!


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