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WebCode – a Java IDE in the browser

May 20, 2017

I’m jumping the gun on this demo, but it’s interesting enough that I have to share it in it’s current state.

My goal with WebCode is to provide an in-browser IDE, like I’ve seen for other tools and languages (like TypeScript and Kotlin). The idea is to show a number of working examples that can be run directly, or modified/compiled on the server with javac and TeaVM and the result is returned to the browser and launched in a separate window.

Launch WebCode in Browser

This preview version has the basic SnapCode project file manager and shows a few sample source files from our SnapCode/TeaVM demo page. The source files have Java syntax coloring and can be edited. When you hit the run button, it launches one of our existing TeaVM samples.
I only have a few days of work in this so far (using SnapKit and skeleton files from SnapCode). The current version is client side only, so it doesn’t compile anything. My next step is to add the server component so the client can post modified source, do the compile and return a link to a launch html.
Let me know what you think!