SnapStudio – a physics drawing app

Here’s a fun new app in the browser written in Java with Box2D. I basically took a version of ReportMill and added Box2D support, turning every vector shape you draw into a Box2D shape, so that when you hit the “Preview” button, all the shapes fall with gravity and interact with each other. You can even click and drag a shape to further knock things around.

It’s not particularly useful at the moment – but it’s definitely kind of fun.


Click the image to run in the browser. Send me a note if you think it’s cool (jeff at reportmill).


2 Responses to “SnapStudio – a physics drawing app”

  1. Mali Says:

    Cool, i love this, I would to see this snapcode scratch like environment where children can have the sprite colliding with other objects and floor. Any idea on how to implement this?

    • reportmill Says:

      I have all the pieces for this in SnapCode and SnapBuilder. You can check them out in my public repositories on Github under user reportmill. Feel free to send me an email at jeff at reportmill.

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