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SnapStudio – a physics drawing app

April 12, 2018

Here’s a fun new app in the browser written in Java with Box2D. I basically took a version of ReportMill and added Box2D support, turning every vector shape you draw into a Box2D shape, so that when you hit the “Preview” button, all the shapes fall with gravity and interact with each other. You can even click and drag a shape to further knock things around.

It’s not particularly useful at the moment – but it’s definitely kind of fun.


Click the image to run in the browser. Send me a note if you think it’s cool (jeff at reportmill).


SnapKit Builder updates

April 5, 2018

I added some new features to SnapKit UI Builder this week:

  • Added support for the Margin attribute to make it easy to define space around a view
  • Added arrow controls to Margin and Padding to make it easy to modify these values
  • Added a new ArrowView control to easily add up/down and left/right to any UI
  • Added JavaDoc button to quickly take you to the JavaDoc for any UI element
  • Added text to show the current bounds of the selected view

SnapKit UI Builder in Browser

Click image to visit the launch page.

SnapKit Builder with improved XML

March 9, 2018

This week I added improvements for the XML viewer in SnapKit UI Builder:

  • Synchronize Editor view selection with XML text selection
  • XML syntax coloring

New XML features

Click image to visit the launch page.